Tour Auto 2015

I have learned something interesting about the French. When it comes to sporting events, they are trying to kill you. Think about it - the Paris to Dakar rally, Le Mans, The Tour de France bike race. Each event is the most grueling of its kind and Tour Auto is no exception. It is a deadly serious vintage race and rally event that goes from Paris to Marseilles. There are timed stages, race track stages, closed course stages, mountain stages. It is hard core.

To honor the French organizers, our client chose a famous French rally car - an Alpine A110 and invited professional driver, Rui Aguas to co-drive. That should have tipped us off.

We rally-prepped and shipped the car along with our best mechanic over to France. I am proud to say the client finished the event for the first time ever and I can say with certainty he and Mark will never forget that one. Congratulations to our amazing owner and his crew for getting safely to the finish line!!!