Le Mans 2016

MKII Ford GT-40 serial number 1046 is arguably the most important car in American race history. Ford purpose-built the GT-40 specifically to win Le Mans. They made 11 big blocks and in 1966 they very famously crushed Ferrari, winning 1-2-3.

1046 has been Mark’s favorite car since he was a teenager. To be given the restoration of this most important piece of history is nothing we can explain. A dream. Humbling. Raison d'etre?

There’s a massive website dedicated to the restoration with a series of videos that you should check out, I like Chapters 4, 5 and 6: http://gt40.rkmotorscharlotte.com/restoration/

We finished just in time to get 1046 over to Le Mans, France for the 50th anniversary of that most famous win. Meanwhile, Ford Motor Company decided to celebrate the anniversary by returning to racing. Get this - 50 years to the day FORD WON LE MANS AGAIN!!

1046 won Best in Show at the Concours but that honor paled in comparison to seeing the 1966 winners on the track plus the shock and excitement of being guests of the Ford team and watching them win on the 50th anniversary.