Copperstate 2013

Time whizzes by pretty fast around here but once in a while, there’s an event that really...stands out in your mind? 2013 Copperstate will always be the year that Mark called to ask if I knew how to bail someone out of jail. Thank you for the laughs and the memories TS, there’s absolutely no one like you.

Boston Cup - Best In Show!!

In 2012 The Boston Cup was a brand new show held on Boston Common.  At this show the other entrants vote for their favorite car. To our total amazement it was us!! BEST IN SHOW!! WOO-HOO!!

This car went on to more wins at St. John's and Amelia Island.

This is a Porsche factory team 906 that ran the 1966 Le Mans with Peter Gregg and Sten Axelsson driving. It really doesn't get much cooler than that, does it?

Pebble Beach 2012

Believe it or not, this car represents one of the biggest awards we have ever won at Pebble. We took 3rd with this beautiful little 289 Cobra, which was huge because we were in a special class honoring Carroll Shelby. The class was full cars Carroll had owned personally, race cars, important development cars and…our little red 289, which represented what you could have bought at a dealership in 1965. We are so thankful to the owners of this car for bringing it to us to restore and showing it at Pebble, they are both on our short list of favorite people and it is an honor to be their Ford restorer.

St. John's 2011

1965 289 Cobra

Restored to its original color of Bright Blue

First in Class - St. John's/Meadowbrook

Greenwich Concours

“Most Outstanding Sports Car 1964-1965”

Amelia - 2010

Our first big-block GT-40 restoration. I discussed this special car in detail on the “Restorations” page, it was Graham’s Hill for 1966 Le Mans and I think is the best color scheme of the 11; Bill Neale thought so too.

At Amelia we won a gigantic trophy for “Enduring Design Excellence” which was presented by designer Freeman Thomas, which was very cool. Speaking of cool, it was so cold that year I wanted to die, that’s why I look like an idiot wearing a sweatshirt and an orange trucker hat. Lesson learned - check the weather report.

Pebble Beach 2009


1957 250GT TDF Zagato

"The Zagato" as we call her, was restored by Motion Products and then, because the owner lives locally, it was given over to our care. A few years later we repainted, redetailed and met with great success at Pebble. It is easily one of the most beautiful Ferrari's ever made, breathtaking is not too strong a word, one of my all time favorite cars.

Cavallino 2009


1956 410 SuperAmerica Coupe

“Best in Class” 

“Platinum Award” 

“Best Restoration”


Best Restoration, WOW!!! That was the first time we won that, I think this was 2009.

My aunt lives in PB and when I told her what car we were bringing, it turns out she dated the original owner. How great is that?

My aunt lives in PB and when I told her what car we were bringing, it turns out she dated the original owner. How great is that?